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what are the benefits of home tuition?

Should we choose home tuition or group tuition at tuition centre?


Home tutors are able to identify the weakness of student in 1to1 home tuition, so can help student reinforce and improve results within short period.

Flexible schedule

Parents are allowed to reschedule home tuition with home tutors just in case there are any family events or urgent cases.


Students can discuss with home tutors on tuition plan based on what they are learning in school, and can have intensive revision for any school exam.


Since it's 1to1 home tuition, students can stay more focused compared to group tuition at tuition centre so that tuition will be more cost-effective.

Why choose tuition solution home tuition agency ?

Tuition Solution always strives to help parents find the best suitable home tutors and students achieve academic success.

Over 8,000 experienced and qualified home tutors included NIE-trained MOE school teachers at all levels for all subjects.

Our tutors all have years of tuition experience with track records. They are able to help students improve results with unique teaching methodology.

As Singapore's leading home tuition agency, we are dedicated to help parents find the best suitable home tutors at the affordable rate.

Parents can enjoy up to 20% of tuition fees rebate for the 1st month home tuition, and will also have FREE top school exam papers.


Our home tutors are committed to give quality home tuition, and help students improve results continuously.

What Parents Say About Us

How students improve results from F9 to A1 in just 4 months

Mdm Ong

Mother of S3 boy, Physics Tuition

“My son failed his pure physics in S3 mid-year exam, then we started to ask around and look for home tutor for him. After my friend recommended Tuition Solution to us, the Physics tutor already helped my boy improve his physics to A2 in only 4 months. Really appreciate it!


Mother of P6 girl, Chinese Tuition

“Thank you very much for your help to find an experienced and responsible Chinese tutor. My girl improved a lot in composition writing with the Chinese home tuition. Recently she scores A in her Chinese exam which we are extremely glad because she never obtained this before. We are also happy to see that she is more interested in Chinese now than before.

Mr Tang

Father of S2 boy, AEIS English Tuition

“We are very happy that my boy passed his Secondary2 AEIS exam after 3 months' tuition from the English home tutor. The AEIS English tutor is very experienced and patient. She knows so well about the AEIS exam format and able to teach my boy on how to build up the vocabularies with effective techniques. We will continue with her English tuition after my boy starts his school.

Mrs Lee

Mother of S4 boy, A-maths Tuition

“We turned to Tuition Solution for help when my boy was in his Secondary 4, after he failed his Additional Mathematics. We were told by the school to drop the subject. After about 5 months with the AMaths tutor, his grades improved significantly. In the recent examination, he scored A2 which really gave himself more confidence. Thanks for the extra efforts and quality tuition from your tutor!


Mother of P6 girl, Science Tuition

“Before we started the tuition, my girl's science results were not up to our expectations. After about 3-4 months of hard work, she managed to score 81. We are very impressed with her results. The home tutor from Tuition Solution is very patient and can explain the concepts to my girl very clearly on the science topics that she has difficulty in comprehending.