How can I register as a tutor with Tuition Solution?

To join us as a tutor, please fill up our Tutor Registration Form. In the meantime, we invite you to join our TuitionSolution Tuition Assignment Telegram Channel to check out all the latest home tuition assignment(we will update almost every day). Alternatively you may also follow us on our official Facebook Page at www.FaceBook.com/HomeTuitionSolution to find out more tuition assignments.

How do I apply for tuition assignments?

To apply for tuition assignments, please ensure that you have already registered with us as a home tutor and joined our Telegram Channel(can view all our latest home tuition assignments). Then you may WhatsApp us at 91469391 and quote the tuition assignment reference no. Our tuition coordinator will get back you you ASAP directly.

How much is the tuition agency fees?

Usually Tuition Solution charges tuition agency fee which is 50% of the first 4 weeks’ worth of tuition lessons. At Tuition Solution, we always believe that it is a win-win situation for both our registered tutors and us so that we can work together to serve our clients with quality tuition services.

Can I cancel or postpone tuition lessons?

We don’t encourage our tutors to cancel or postpone tuition lessons especially for the 1st few tuition lessons unless you have strong reasons including sickness or other unforeseen circumstances. We do expect our tutors to be committed to our tuition assignments so that we can win the trust of our clients. As a result we hope that our tutors can have a good relationship with the parents and students and enjoy the teaching job.

Can parents or students cancel or postpone tuition lessons?

Yes, they can. However for any postponement or cancellation of the tuition lessons in the 1st 4 weeks, parents or students should inform us at 91469391 via WhatsApp or SMS. We do expect parents or students to inform us at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson commences except for emergency cases such as student is sick or cannot make it due to last minute school activities.  As tuition agency, we really hope that parents and student can respect our tutors’ precious time and do not cancel or postpone tuition lessons last minute without any strong reasons.

Please note that any failure to postpone at least 24 hours before the next lesson commences may incur a compensation to the tutor for his or her loss of precious time. The compensation is usually no less than 50% of one tuition lessons’ worth of fee.

How do I collect payment for the tuition lessons?

The parent may request to make payment to the home tutors by cash or cheque, online bank transfer, PayNow, or PayLah! whichever is agreeable for both parents and tutors.

Our tuition agency fee is charged to our tutors, so to facilitate the collection of tuition agency fees from our tutors, we require the student’s or parent’s cooperation to make payment for the first few lessons (50% of the first 4 weeks’ worth) directly to Tuition Solution.

Thereafter, the student or parent will make payment to the tutors directly for the remaining lessons.

We will share the payment details and method with our tutors when we confirm a tuition assignment with our registered tutors!

Can I still get payment if the tuition assignments end prematurely?

If the tutor decides to terminate the assignment without a valid reason (e.g. medical reasons backed by a medical certificate or proof) before completing at least 4 weeks’ worth of lessons, the tutor is not entitled to receive any tuition fee. Otherwise, the tuition fee payable to tutor would be 4 lessons’ worth of tuition fee minus off the agency fee collected by Tuition Solution.

If the client decides to terminate the assignment before completing at least 4 weeks’ worth of lessons, Tuition Solution will share half of the tuition fee for the lessons’ delivered equally with the tutor. However, Tuition Solution will still make the decision, regarding the amount to be shared, on a case-by-case basis.

If there is a long-term change to the lesson frequency or duration, Tuition Solution will decide on the agency fee based on the long-term frequency and duration of the tuition assignment. Please note that tutors who encounter such circumstance are to inform Tuition Solution of the changes. After which, Tuition Solution will adjust the tuition agency fee accordingly.

Tutors who are dishonest and who fail to inform us of such changes may be blacklisted.

Do I need to upload my certificates and photo for verification?

TuitionSolution values the credibility, integrity, and quality of our tutors team. Please upload your certificates and photos in order to support and ascertain the information presented on your profile. By doing so, it will also significantly increase the number of tuition jobs you receive and the chances of getting tuition assignments confirmed with us.