Lee Chui Ping

English, Maths, E-maths, POA
Name: Lee Chui Ping
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Nationality: Singaporean
Race: Chinese
Mobile Number:
Part-time / Full-time Tutor: Full-time Tutor
Highest Qualification: Diploma
Specialised Tutoring Level: Primary, Secondary
Specialised Tutoring Subjects: English, Maths, E-maths, POA
Tuition Rate / hour(SGD): 30
Tuition Achievements: I have been a full time tutor for 5 years. I have taught primary levels English and Math and secondary levels Math and POA. Currently I provide one to one tuition at student’s home and have 6 students on hand. I also teach P6 Math to a group of 4 students in tuition centre and O level POA to a group of 5 students in a private college.

Generally, students improve after a few months of tuition.
1) A student scored A2 for her O level POA in year 2008.
2) A student scored 9/100 for his sec 3 POA mid year exam before tuition. After 3 months of tuition, he scored 56/100 for his CA2. He got an A2 for his N levels in year 2012.
3) A student managed to pass her Chinese after she received tuition from me. She had been failing Chinese previously. She improved in her Math and English as well.
4) 4 students scored A for their PSLE English in year 2014.

I introduce games into my lessons so as to get the students to participate during the lesson. This helps them to better understand and remember the topics taught better.

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